Oasis Release Roundhouse Statement Over Liam Allegations

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Oasis Release Roundhouse Statement Over Liam Allegations

Post by CloudBurst on Wed Jul 22, 2009 1:02 pm


Oasis are taking legal advice from top city law firm Carter Ruck after a story appeared today in a number of online publications, including The Guardian Online falsely claiming that Liam Gallagher “stormed out of” an Oasis gig at the Roundhouse in London last night.

A spokesperson commented, “The story that Liam left the gig is totally untrue. Liam put on one of the performances of his life last night, leaving the stage only for a few minutes during songs sung by his brother Noel as is always the case. The whole show was captured on film by ITV so fans will soon see the truth of this. It is very difficult to understand why supposedly respectable publications would publish such malicious and damaging claims.”

Oasis recently voluntarily refunded over 20,000 ticket holders when their Heaton Park, Manchester concert was delayed by 40 minutes due to power problems, despite the band going on to play a full two hour set.

Source: Oasisinet

And I wrote this up about an hour before:


After reports claiming that Liam Gallagher stormed off stage during Oasis‘ set at the iTunes festival last night, ItsGoodToBeFree felt it was only right to clear up some of the rumours that have surfaced today.

Many online publications have today reported that Liam walked off stage during the bands gig at the Roundhouse in London last night (Tuesday 21st July) after pints of beers were being thrown at him. It was added that Liam left the stage for half an hour leaving Noel to sing alone. After speaking to a few fans that went to the gig last night IGTBF can confirm that these reports are totally unfounded.

Although Liam was indeed in a bad mood and angry with certain parts of the crowd throwing beer and coins he did not leave the stage. Throughout the gig, even when Noel did his solo parts, Liam stayed on stage albeit sitting down at the back of the stage (Liam normally leaves the stage anyways during Noel’s songs.) There were parts were Liam stopped singing for example during My Big Mouth, however he did not leave the stage during that song either, he merely went and sat down at the back of the stage leaving Noel to sing backing vocals.

Despite this many fans have said what a great gig it was and added that “angry” Liam only made it better.

Glad they are seeking legal action! Smile


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Re: Oasis Release Roundhouse Statement Over Liam Allegations

Post by Bellboy on Fri Jul 24, 2009 3:05 am


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