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Post by Scruff on Thu Aug 06, 2009 3:21 pm


From California to Sydney I've made them all laugh
I left them no name just my autograph
I've cried with the best of them
Been snide with the rest of them
Left my legacy without giving anything away
I''ve seen Jesus in my plasma screen and watched the devil play

I've been back in time to 73 ,I've been a courteener
A rugby league star and a few inbetweeners
Switched on every day as a mirror to the world
Seen my master find and then lose the girl

She said dont you want to cyber
She wanted me inside her
I said "girl i'm not the messiah"
I cant make you come by placing my hands on the screen
I cant take you home, to be together in electric dreams

And then he said to me i'm glad your mother died
For a son like you is just living a lie
Its ok my friend you have to sleep with those thoughts
and my hours cant be sold and my time cant be bought
I'm the imperfect stranger and i'm your reason to live
And i'll taketh away what you never shall give
For I am what you think of when you think of yourself
I am love I am hate I am life I am death

So from Cali to Sydney and up here in the North
I'm coming in from the cold and embracing the warmth
I'm glad you loved what I've typed on these pages
I'm sad you'll never know you're paying my wages
I'm mad, yes indeed, but you never saw my rages
I've had what they say some difficult ages
So here we are, last words, last exit, legend gone seldom seen
Stagnant Lifeblood Electric Dreams

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Post by bremex on Wed Aug 19, 2009 5:17 pm

You're talking about me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? LOOOOOOOOOOL

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