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What would you say? Empty What would you say?

Post by paranoidandroid on Mon Aug 10, 2009 3:17 am

if you met Liam or Noel.........or even Gem Andy Chris or Jay?

Anyone had the fortune of meeting any of them?

i'll try and be chilled, say something different that they will remember i.e not the usual 'Oh my god ive got all your records, been to all your gigs etc..fap fap fap fap' LOL

In a pub......'Fancy a game of killer Noel?...........if i win i get your Union Jack Guitar yeah? If you win, i'll sign a copy of my demo cd for ya'

Also would you prefer to have your picture taken with them etc or would you just rather hang out with them and chew the fat for a bit?

LOL - Very bored today.
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