What TV writers do you like?

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What TV writers do you like? Empty What TV writers do you like?

Post by Scruff on Wed Dec 22, 2010 7:02 am

I've got two outright favourites

Jimmy McGovern - Wrote my all time favourite program Cracker and for me theres never been a character on TV as remarkable as Fitz, a fat womanising, gambling addicted alcoholic but with a mind like a computer and able to sort out others lives whilst completely ruining his own.
McGovern then went on to write a superb drama about Hillsborough, The Lakes, and 2 series for the BBC The Street, and most recently The Accused, 6 seperate stories about people in the dock accused of a crime and backtracking to how they got there. Theres been tales of a man brutallly murdered mistaken for a pedo, bent coppers, sadistic servicemen driving privates to suicide in Afghanasthan and a vigilante female arsonist wanting justice for her sons industrial accident death and subsequent cover up by his bosses.
All typical McGovern fare about real people with real lives. The best writer ever.

Matthew Weiner - Wrote my current favourite show Mad Men and a good majority of The Soprano's too. What I like about Mad Men is that its so authentic you actually believe it could have been made in the 60's. Its low burning and develops the characters slowly so you feel part of their lives. And The Soprano's of course was just mesmerising from start to finish, great character building and genuine depth to the plots

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