Dig Out Your Soul, One Year On.....SORT OF!!!

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Dig Out Your Soul, One Year On.....SORT OF!!!

Post by Fastfuse on Mon Jul 27, 2009 3:49 pm

I know its not bang on a year since the album came out. BUT, I've started this thread just to see what everyones views on it are now.

For me its alright I don't like it as much as Don't Believe The Truth, but I can see some merits in it. I think they fucked up by putting 'They've Got Nothing On Me' on there and leaving of Record Machine. Liam's other songs on there are a bit shit (sorry!!) He songs on DBTT I really enjoyed but I just found the ones on the album weak. I prefere I Believe In All to any of his tunes on there.

I got bored quick with 'Falling Down' I still enjoy 'Bag It Up' and Shock Of The Lightening. I dunno what number I'd put it in album wise???

Anyway over to you.......

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Re: Dig Out Your Soul, One Year On.....SORT OF!!!

Post by CloudBurst on Mon Jul 27, 2009 4:42 pm

I agree, I much prefer DBTT, I thought I was the only one!!
But I still play the album alot and I haven't really got too bored of any of the tracks except maybe I'm Outta Time. I still love Falling Down which leaked around this time last year, and a few songs like Ain't Got Nothing/TBWTF have grown on me alot over the past 8/9 months. The Nature Of Reality is still abit shite though lol!

But I don't think the album is the best since WTSMG tbh..

AND RECORD MACHINE SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE FUCKING ALBUM!! Would have been the best song on the album by a mile..


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Re: Dig Out Your Soul, One Year On.....SORT OF!!!

Post by paranoidandroid on Tue Jul 28, 2009 2:43 am

Well i love DOYS after the disappointment of DBTT i was happy with this album. (i like 2 or 3 songs on DBTT and i dont think the rest is up to much imo)

I agree with fast fuse that 'aint go nothin' was a shit choice to put on the album and some of the b-sides are def worthy of being on here.

When it first came out i was like 'Whoa.....this is their best since WTSMG'.....now....hmm....maybe i wouldnt go that far but for me its still a cracking album and has some very strong songs on it.

Would like to hear them play bag it up and the turning live though tbh. TBWTL took a while to grow on me but now i actually quite like it (not too annoyed it wont be in the festival setlist though)

So overall DOYS is def up there in my top 4 albums. They are definitely on the right track now and if/when we get a new album in 4/5 years im sure it wont disappoint!
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Re: Dig Out Your Soul, One Year On.....SORT OF!!!

Post by Stu on Tue Jul 28, 2009 1:18 pm

Weakest album. And it cost me £50.
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Re: Dig Out Your Soul, One Year On.....SORT OF!!!

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