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Lyrics vs. the song Empty Lyrics vs. the song

Post by Disapprovingಠ_ಠFace on Fri Dec 31, 2010 11:59 am

Discussion time. Thought this would be an interesting topic to have a think about. Each of their songs have the lyrics that we all hopefully know, but do we think that some of them are a bit dodgy or are actually that good? Is the song itself good but the lyrics bloody terrible or vica versa? All i really want to find out is how you all like their stuff in a more closer look. Let's see how this goes... I'll start with their first and last album.. (flexes fingers). You don't have to read through my two album breakdown of what we've all listened to countless times (maybe the former rather than the latter), just pop in to give your view on a couple of songs.

Oh and you can mention about how the lyrics are sang; for instance if the lyrics are bad they could've been sang brilliantly, you can talk about that if you want. Good? Good. (by the way it's a long'un Laughing, hope you've got the metabolism to read even a bit of this Shocked)

Right then.. Laughing Definitely Maybe
• Rock n roll star - Brilliant song, don't shoot me but i don't think the lyrics are actually up to much, BUT it's sang with Liam's classic snarl (sunsheeiiiiiine Cool)
• Shakermaker - Now i think about it, the music's good and so are the lyrics where they sing about life growing up, but i don't actually think of this as one of their classics. Oh well, Rolling Eyes moving on.
• Live forever - Simple one, great music, great lyrics, instaclassic.
• Up in the sky - hmm, good song, nice guitar riff but i don't really like the lyrics OR how it's sang. Come at me bro.
• Columbia - Absolutely massive fantastic 6 minute groove. Lyrics? Terrible, i'm not going to mince words. You know they are, we all know but the thing is it doesn't matter because the song doesn't focus on the lyrics, it just expects you to get up and do a half arsed Bez impression. Tick. Great song.
• Supersonic - Great tune, nice little intro, the guitar pick sliding down the strings Noel does at the beginning builds the song into good good stuff. Lyrics are great, nothing wrong with 'em.
• Bring it on down - Brilliant faux punk rock in this, love the almost seamless guitar solo. Right, now the lyrics, i gotta admit i didn't know them 100% so i looked them up, read through them and it's some of the best stuff Noel's thunk'd up, just didn't really pay enough attention when i've ever had it on.
• Cigs and booze - Love the massive "fuck you" to T Rex fans with this'un. I think the lyrics are passable but some of you might think they're perfect genius, i dunno, i just think lyrics are meant to inspire and capture your thoughts. Let's just say it fits the music. Very Happy
• Digsy's dinner - Lovely music, piano solos are rather unheard of in an Oasis song but this to me fits perfectly with the happy-go-lucky feel of the song. Lyrics.. silly, immature but i love them. "These could be the best days of ours li-ives". Yes they could Liam, Yes they could.
• Slide away - Song, good. Lyrics, Good. Next.
• Married avec cochons - Nice acoustic number to wrap up the album, Lyrics are also very well written.

Good, right, Dig out yer arse-oul Wink (oh look i made a funny). When i looked for this album on my "Favourites" playlist, i couldn't find it. That's because it isn't actually there Laughing oops! Now, on with the show.. Bear with me! We're half way there now.

• Bag it up - Good music, clever lyrics. I should like it, but i don't. For me it's like that for most of the album. Oh well.
• Devil wo.. Pardon me, i mean The Turning - Again, good music, good lyrics. Don't like it though, god was this album really any good at all apart from a couple songs?
• Waiting for the rapture - I'll be honest, i don't like the music on this. At all. It plods, it's tired, it sounds TOO under-produced. I dunno if this was Noel's attempt to be experimental. Get rid of the "experi" part of that word and i think that's closer. What do you guys think? Bless 'im. Oh by the way i think the lyrics are actually pretty damn good. But what's the use in good lyrics if you don't like the song. Next!
• The shock of the lightning - I hate this one. The music annoys me; it tries too hard to be a cliché of itself (i sound like i got my head up me arse now. Hah!), the lyrics are bad, Liam sounds bad. But hey, music is subjective an all that. I don't get how some of you think this is worth listening to. Laughing Wink
• I'm outta time - Ah, my favourite on the album and it's written by Liam.. right. Music's good, nice sounding piano chords. Lyrics aren't bad for Liam's standards, sang with some professionalism too.
• Get off your high horse lady - Boring. Dunno why i liked it to start with. pfff, was probably the excitement of a new album clouding my logical thinking.
(hold on, we're nearly there)
• Falling down - Great sound, very different to anything they've done. Fuck off stifler for thinking this is terrible, it's bloody good! Noel sings this amazingly... on record, not live. Meh, can't get everything right can you? Lyrics; outstanding, sublime and all them other words that makes it sound good, you all know how good it is. Laughing
• To be where there's life - The lyrics are, i don't think, that good and come to think of it, neither is the music really. But i actually really like this one for some reason that escapes me. Funny that innit. Actually, listening to it now, the music IS quite good. I'm an idiot. But i won't delete anything because what's been written amuses me endlessly.
• Ain't got nothin - What? Not even an idea when writing this song. No you didn't Liam did you, made it up as you all went along. Music's bad and so's the lyrics AND the singing. A turd on a record of, well, more turds.
• The nature of reality - I thought i'd include this one else i would've finished there. I really like the music on this one, a real foot stomper. I dunno why it gets so much hate from you miserable gits Laughing but i like it. And so should all of you! If i remember right, What's The Story knows the score on this number, he likes it too so it can't be THAT bad! The lyrics are alright, could take 'em or leave 'em. Damn i've shot myself in the foot Laughing

Right, done. Can't be arsed with solder on as it's deplorable, a waste of 4 minutes of my listening pleasure that i'd rather spend listening to my almost completely deaf nan on the phone. Simple as. I didn't even bother to spell it right or capitalise it like i do the others, to some extent.

I've done out the basic blueprints (albeit fucking big ones Laughing) for this pontentially good thread, i hope. I know i'm more of a reader than an active participator on these forums but i fancied stepping out and having a bloody big natter to you all. Of course you don't have to do one of their entire albums but a short thought on a couple of their songs would be nice. Or you could heavily criticise me on some of my thoughts on a song or two, i'd like that Laughing. Do you concur with my comments, or am i now your mortal nemesis for disregarding one of your fave Oasis tracks? Let's watch the fireworks Laughing. Anyway, over to you guys, if you can be arsed. I hope some of you are.. it took me a bloody age to write this down!
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Lyrics vs. the song Empty Re: Lyrics vs. the song

Post by the_hound on Sun Jan 02, 2011 3:36 am

Lyrics have never really been Oasis' forte. Noel isn't exactly Bob Dylan or the Boss. As you said, some are better than others. Actually SOTSG has some of Oasis' best lyrics, Gas Panic! (fucking poetry man), SMC, WDIAGW, but also some of their very worst, LJ, PYMWYMI and ICSAL.

As an album DM is def the best lyrically, an album for the working class man, WTSMG was lyrically meaningless, (she's electric, she's from a family full of eccentrics????) but the lyrics still have a poetic quality to them. I have said this before, but Noel has the gift of making nonsense into poetry, Champagne Supernova, Supersonic etc...
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Lyrics vs. the song Empty Re: Lyrics vs. the song

Post by barnafin95 on Sun Jan 02, 2011 7:15 am

Gas panic has great lyrics and music, as does WDIAGW. I like the lyrics and music to carry us all as well. SOTSOG was a pretty good period, lyrics-wise.
The worst songs lyrically are Liams (with the exceptions of GGTIA and I'm outta time), although AGN and TMOS have decent music.
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Lyrics vs. the song Empty Re: Lyrics vs. the song

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