My view on Beady Eye's songs so far and their marketing strategy

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My view on Beady Eye's songs so far and their marketing strategy

Post by Marathon Man on Fri Jan 07, 2011 6:59 am

Ok, so far I've heard
1. Bring the light
2. Four letter word
3. Sons of the Stage
4. The Roller

Beady Eye have delivered so far what I feared the most: generic, Beatles-ripping RnR music with a 60s touch.

1. BTL: I was hugely disappointed with this at first. Then I gave it another 50+ listens and...was still that way. The "Baby hold on" part is not bad, but overall it was a poor effort, with unbelievably shit lyrics and an old jerry lee lewis kind of sound. If was drunk I might have a good time at a gig listening to it, but no way I'd choose it to listen to it at home while surfing the net. It was definitely a shock for me to listen to it as the first BDI single we get.

2. Sons of the Stage: while the original one is a decent little (but nothing more) song from the 80s (well, 1991 actually), I find BDI's version generic. While better than BTL, it falls under the "not bad" category, but as tons of other bands have that title for me, "not bad" is just not enough. Scruff said something like "a good song is a good song no matter who plays it" (I stand correceted), but I don't agree with that at all. The original version has that typical 80s sound (yeah I know it was released later) I like, the whole song sounds different, while the rythm stayed the same....So no, Beady Eye's version is not as good IMO, except that Liam has a unique voice we all love.

3. Four letter Word: I'm sure this song's gonna sound immense live. Energetic, full of aggression, catchy tune...still soo easily forgettable for me...I had to re-listen to it cos I didn't remember how it sounded. Something is missing. Again, Scruff's comments on it being the best leading single since 1995 is ridiculous and shocking. The song is good, but does nothin for me. Reminds me of TSOTL and Bring it on Down, but much weaker than them.

4. The Roller: I find this song outrageous. While being a catchy tune, the rip-off is more obvious than before. I thought (for some mysterious reason) that Liam and Co. left all this Beatles mania behind, but the need to steal songs from the Fab Four must have been stronger than ever. Anyway, I like the refrain, again, it's not a bad song, but IOT was better for example. It's so blatantly stealing from all you need is love for example that it's not even funny (intro).

Also, as I said before Liam's voice is worn out, it's his poorest vocal performance on an album, they shouldn't have rushed into making this album.

As for the marketing strategy I don't really understand why we could listen to 3 songs before the first single. I don't understand it at all. Yeah, it got some publicity for the band, (which is not a bad thing from the marketing point of view), still, fans tend to be confused all the time about the first single, first video etc. By the time the record comes out, we'll have heard the 30-40% f the album which is ridiculous, ifor one like to be surprised, there's nothing exciting in buying a brand new cd with lots of songs I've heard so far.

I know we haven't heard the majority of the songs (well, only samples) but I just cannot imagine that Beady Eye will be better than average in my eyes after doing so. Unfortunately this is exactly what I expected (feared) from the band: generic RnR songs, Beatlesesque sound with a 60s touch.

P.S.: many people will love them though. But Beady Eye will be nowhere as good as (early) Oasis, and if the quality remains, BDI will be forgotten in the long term by the majority.

Marathon Man
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Re: My view on Beady Eye's songs so far and their marketing strategy

Post by Hassel D. Hoff on Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:05 am

too many points to disagree...

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Re: My view on Beady Eye's songs so far and their marketing strategy

Post by barnafin95 on Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:30 am

^ lol!
i like everything theyve released so far. in order of preference:
1 - The Roller
2 - FLW
3 - SOTS
4 - BTL
Glad to see at least 3 proper B-sides confirmed though, more than DOYS had and the albums not even out Very Happy
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Re: My view on Beady Eye's songs so far and their marketing strategy

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